In-Store sound system

We represent a unique In-Store sound system with high quality sound and the latest technology speakers. The interaction of atmosphere, music and the right advertising messages increases positive results in terms of the company's image, service level and sales. Music makes both customers and employees feel comfortable, that is why you should have a In-Store sound system in your business space. 


Spottune has a unique OmniExperience™️ technology that provides outstanding sound quality. The omnidirectional feature allows the speaker to deliver balanced audio frequencies throughout the room, providing consistent sound even at low volumes. One speaker can cover an area of 75 square meters, ensuring that every customer receives an equally pleasant audio experience regardless of their position in the room. 

Plug and Play

Thanks to the patented 360° technology, spottune devices are needed in fewer quantities than the old technology speakers. It is also a completely wireless system that can be installed in existing lighting tracks or lighting holes. You can easily change the position of the speaker in the space from lighting trac to a nother or take the system with you when moving to another location. This portable plug and play sound system can be put into use immediately when the products are in place.


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Plug and Play - immediately available audio system

The Spottune sound system is very easy to install. See in the video below how conveniently the speaker is attached to the rail and the system is installed for use.