Music service for business

Radiosparx is the most economic and easiest music service for business. In order for you to be able to play music in your store or public place you must obtain a license to play the music. When you choose RadioSparx as your music service provider, you don't have to pay TEOSTO, Spotify or other fees separately. You just have one invoice for the service and you can play the background music of your choice as much as you like, because RadioSparx pays the artists directly for the music it offers.

Music for every mood

You can choose music for every mood. Music makes both customers and employees feel comfortable in the store. The interaction of atmosphere, music and the right advertising messages increases positive results in terms of the company's image, service level and sales. Radiosparx has playlists for every atmosphere and space, whether you have a grocery store, a beatysalon, a pharmacy or a restaurant, you will surely find the right background sound in the wide selection of playlists.

RadioSparx has representation in more than 90 countries, thus being the world's largest music portal, offering background music on a turnkey basis. You can choose from 400 music channels and over 500,000 music tracks. You also have the option to add your own messages to the channel and schedule the playlist through the system. Radiosparx also offers free phone and email support.

Price estimate:

Less than 240m2 shop/restaurant 19eur/month/ VAT 0%

240m2-2000m2 shop/restaurant 36eur/month / VAT 0%

You have also the opportunity to design your own playlists directly in our music portal. RadioSparx also offers help in choosing music types and sound design in general.