A wireless Omni speaker with an unobtrusive design that delivers great sound. The acoustic design of the Omni speaker is specially designed for retail stores and areas where people move around a lot. It has a simple, clean cylindrical shape. The speaker can be installed like shop lights, suspended, mounted on a contact rail or recessed in the ceiling. The unique design provides a sound experience that is synchronized and clear throughout the room. The speaker is available in black, white or silver.

Fast and flexible installation

Spottune Omni is compatible with track lighting systems - it is powered by a contact rail and can be installed on the track without tools. The speaker can be installed directly on the contact rail or with a suspended installation. The speaker can also be installed in the ceiling. Since the speaker works wirelessly and fits into the existing infrastructure, its use saves considerable installation costs and does not require long, bulky cables. When the speakers are switched on, they are automatically connected to the music transmitter, so they are ready for use even in a few minutes. The loudspeaker is also easy to move to another rail according to the changing needs of the space. A cover sock is also available as a separate accessory for the product.

Dimensions: 200mm x 115mm

Weight: 1.5 kg

Sound frequency: 50-15000Hz

Standby power: 1.7W (limited to 2W)

Wireless range: 50-100m (depending on conditions of the space)

Mounting hole for ceiling recess: 155mm – 160mm

Height of the roof space: 100mm / 45mm