Audio management solution for music, promotion and announcements

Whether you have one or multiple stores, the Spottune cloud service provides you with an online platform that ensures total control from anywhere. Cloud Service is a convenient music playback system that allows you to manage the music feeds of all your locations centrally from your head office.

With this system you are able to synchronize the music played and playable content of each of your stores, even stores in different countries, from one centralized platform. Control individual sound areas or edit them in bulk, the system allows for complete flexibility, usability and scalability while giving you full control in just a few clicks.

The cloud serves as an optional management tool that provides a comprehensive overview of speakers in all your stores. With the system, store managers can fully control and monitor the audio experience across multiple facilities and stores to ensure that visitors receive a consistent experience at all times, anywhere in the world.

  • Analyze the impact of music on sales
  • Set playlists and schedules
  • Adjust sound and volume in each location
  • Be aware of what music has been played and when you have played commercials

Control: Share and manage playlists directly from the cloud to one or all locations. Manage input settings, synchronize or control a single item.

Support: Get an instant real-time overview of the broadcast quality of your Spottune setup, speaker by speaker. You will be notified if the settings are changed locally or if the system is inactive.

Routines: Automate your customer experience. Schedule volume settings, playlists, opening/closing announcements, etc.

Analytics: Get an overview of your Spottune System installations. You will also receive a notification if something needs attention.

Sensors: Manage, use and control sensors such as smart buttons

ASL - Auto Sound Level: Handle automatic volume adjustments while monitoring the ambient noise level on the spot.