Due to our wide range of services we are able to deliver everything you need for lighting no matter how big or small space you have. Our professional staff will make a lighting plan, sell the products, do the assembly and maintain your lighting. Through our partners we can provide our services in Finland and in other parts of Europe.

Lighting plan

Correct and carefully made light plan is the first step for success in store lighting. The light tracks should be placed into the right places so you will get a flexible store lighting right from the start and you will be able to modify your lighting among the changes made in the store. Comfortable lighting in store makes the customer to stay longer and purchase more.

We start the planning of lighting by listening to your wishes and checking out the layout of the area. With a DIALux- program we are able to count the lighting level needed in general lighting. After that we will use CadS- program to draw the track system to a electrical picture. When planning store lighting we will check the demands of Your concept before finishing touch of the planning.

When the light planning is made carefully it can raise a value of the property and increase your sales by spotting out just the products You want the customer to see.

Planning the lighting is our main knowledge. We are happy to help you with your lighting plan.


Our lighting assembly service includes installation of light fittings, bulbs and track systems. Our own staff and with our trusted partners we are able to provide assembly service in whole Finland and in other parts of Europe. The assembly service works well with our sales offering you a whole package to get a fine finished lighting from planning to assembly. We will also tell your staff how to take care of your lighting system to get it last longer.

We can also install alarm gates, cash desks, office electricities when needed.

Maintenance service

In Store lighting it is important that all lighting fixtures are on and working well. The Store does not look nice and welcoming if some lights you have are not on. Our Lighting maintenance service will take care of your Store for you. We provide bulb changes, spotlight adjustments and a maintenance program for becoming actions in your lighting in Finland. When your light fittings are properly taken care of It will make the lighting last longer.

You can order a one time bulb change case by case either for the whole Store or just for the lighting fixtures needed. There is also a possibility to outsource the lighting maintenance for us. We offer a service package for shop light maintenance according to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in outsourcing your shop lighting.