Retail lighting

Accent lighting for retail stores can help highlight certain parts of the store or provide a specific mood to the space. With accent retail lighting you may lead the way of the customer through your store. According to many researches light draws the customers attention. By highlighting certain products with spotlights you can be sure that they will be noticed. LED lights in particular make excellent accent lighting fixtures with their longevity and color options. Our products offer consistent, high-quality LED lighting that will increase the visual appeal of your displays while saving in energy costs. We are happy to help and create a successful LED retail lighting for you.

Every store has its own clientele and target group to whom the ambience and the shopdesign is created for. There is no "one solution" in retail lighting. Every store is uniq and has specialites concerning the space, colours, products etc. that needs to be considered when planning the retail lighting. Also the amount of light and the relation of general lighting and spotlighting are things to think about.

Saving energy in Retail lighting

LED is a highly energy efficient lighting technology. With LED lights the energy savings have become more and more to a discussion in retail lighting. The most energy consuming parts in a grocery store are the refigeration units, store lighting, air conditions and  heating. The efficiency of LED products is noticed the most in lighting the refigeration units. Because LED does not generate heat the refigeration units do not need to cool also the heat of the lighting as before with the old technic lighting fixtures. This will save energy in both lighting and in refigeration unit. In shelv and corridor lighting, reducing generall lighting and adding LED spotlights, will also save energy. In general lighting replacing old fluorescent lamps with LED tubes saves energy but reduces the amount of light in the room. The LED spotlights keep the amount of light in the same level. Spotlights can also be controlled and dimmed as needed. In-store lighting can be made brighter along the customer's path, depending on where the customer is moving, so the lights are not always the most bright in every corner, and that way the energy is consumed only as needed. Contact us, we'll be happy to tell you more about lighting.

There is no store without lighting. The light controls the customer's attencion and passage through the store. Highlighting the products with quality light has proven to provide additional sales. Watch video by LIVAL about the importance of lighting.