Grocery store lighting

Skilux specializes in lighting for grocery stores. When lighting a grocery store, attention should be paid to the color reproduction of the luminaire and the relationship between general and spotlight. There are different areas in the store that need to be illuminated with just the right kind of light in order to make the products attractive and get customers to enter the store. Particularly in fresh product lighting, the color of light entering the product is key to the success of the lighting. With our products we are able to tailor just the right light for the target we are illuminating. Whether it is bread counter lighting, fruit and vegetable lighting, cheese counter lighting, or fish and meat counter lighting, we have the right products to illuminate the entire grocery store. We have a long history in grocery store lighting and are a trusted supplier for many small and big grocery stores and chains in Finland.

Lighting plays a key role in creating a perfect shopping environment in Grocery Stores. Colorful and bright presentation is important, especially when displaying items that appeal directly to the senses. Special areas like deli, meat, seafood, bakery, cheese, beverage and floral departments give merchants the opportunity to showcase goods that become impulse purchases. 

Our company has a long history in fresh product and food lighting. Many small and large grocery stores and chains throughout Finland rely on our expertise. Our products are made in Finland, they are long lasting and energy efficient. In the grocery store lighting we have used eg. Glider LED and Priority LED spotlights and Lean DL downlights. In general lighting, NANO luminaires are ideally suited to the shops.

Finnish LIVAL luminaires are ideal for food lighting. Both spotlights and downlights are available in different colors and shapes with various technical features. Our products are always tailored to your requirements. In terms of features, light intensities and colors of the outcoming light significantly affect the overall result. It is important to know that the color reproduction of the luminaire can emphasize the attractiveness of the product packaging, fresh produce and objects, but the colors of the walls, the size of the space and the height must also be taken into account when choosing the luminaire. For the best result, it is a recommended to consult a professional when choosing luminaires. Contact us and we will be happy to assist with lighting design and lighting.