Commercial lighting

When creating a commercial lighting the spotlights are the most often used luminaires. Spot lighting is worthwhile, because it draws the attention of the customer in to desired products, colors, objects and areas. The right spotlight controls the customer's look in the store. The light makes the colors of the products shine and the products look attractive. Our products include both track-mounted and ceiling-mounted spotlights. When choosing a luminaire, attention should be paid to the technical characteristics of the luminaire. The level of general lighting also affects the success of spot lighting. The shape and color scheme of the space should also be taken into account when designing the lighting. Therefore, you should consult a professional when designing lighting.

The liveliness of the retail space and the visualization of the products with light are perfectly reflected in the before and after pictures of the yarn store. Skilux implemented spotlighting on the retail store and brought the store to life. A well-lit shop is also noticed from the street and customers are now able to find the shop. Research has highlighted that spotlighting is a very effective eye catcher. In a yarn store, high-quality color rendering was also a key factor in getting customers to see the products in their true colors.

Spotlighting gets the customer to focus their attention on the illuminated area and it also controls the customer's look in the store. The spotlight can be directed indirectly, or it can be focused clearly and sharply on the subject to be highlighted. Spotlights are used in many places from office space to retail and public areas. Target lighting plays also a key role in creating window displays to get an interesting and eye-catching whole.

In commercial space, the placement of the luminaire should be carefully considered, as well-done lighting illuminates the products and shelves from the right distance. The color, direction and amount of light coming from the luminaire in relation to the product are matters to pay attention when plannin the lighting. Light not only emphasizes the products, but it also creates shadows. To get a successful lighting, in addition to the characteristics of the luminaire, the location of the lighting fixture is also important. In lighting design, therefore, the locations of the lighting tracks should be carefully considered so that the luminaires do not come directly above the product, too close or too far from the product that is intented to be illuminated. The location of the tracks also affects the variability of the lighting when changing the product racks around the store floor. The luminaire should be oriented carefully, as the light should not dazzle the customer, but it should be focused on the desired object and there should be sufficient light in relation to the space and products.

Saving energy in comercial lighting

LED is a highly energy efficient lighting technology. With LED lights the energy savings have become more and more to a discussion in lighting. By reducing general lighting in the store and adding LED spotlights, the savings are already reflected directly in the electricity bill. In general lighting by replacing old fluorescent lamps with LED tubes saves energy but reduces the amount of light in the room. The LED spotlights keep the amount of light in the same level. Spotlights can also be controlled and dimmed as needed. In-store lighting can be made brighter along the customer's path, depending on where the customer is moving, so the lights are not always the most bright in every corner, and that way the energy is consumed only as needed. Contact us, we'll be happy to tell you more about lighting.

There is no store without lighting. The light controls the customer's attencion and passage through the store. Highlighting the products with quality light has proven to provide additional sales. Watch video by LIVAL about the importance of lighting.