DALI is a standardized digital lighting control system, where lighting control is based on the ballast Dali feature. Most Lival luminaires are available for Dali Control system. This system allows individual control and dimming of the luminaires, which also provides financial savings in lighting costs.

Programming is required during the deployment phase of the DALI system. In some cases, this can be done with a dimmer, control panel, remote control or for larger projects with a computer.

Only your imagination is the limit

Intelligent lighting control is not just about dimming and brightening the lighting. The system not only saves electricity but also creates dynamic lighting in the space with changes in the brightness level of the light.
Depending on the Dali system as a whole, the system can be used to configure the lighting settings for each luminaire as an example:

Timed lighting eg according to the opening hours

Set and save your own lighting situations

Group the luminaires to work together

Easily dim the light or switch it on and off as needed

A motion detector is also available to enable the illumination to work when the detector detects motion in the space.

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