Nordic Aluminium lighting tracks

Nordic Aluminium is the leading manufacturer of lighting tracks in Europe. The company has over 40 years of experience in aluminum processing and high-end products from Nordic profile manufacturers. The lighting track products and acessories are delivered directly from the factory to our warehouses.

GLOBAL track systems are quick and easy to install. Besides lighting tracks the complete track system include adapters, connectors and suspension parts. Tracks and supplies are available in colours white, gray and black. We have in stock the Global Pro parts in gray.

We are happy to help you to get the right track system for your needs.


GLOBAL Trac Pulse expands the GLOBAL Trac products selection further and by that gives the user greater freedom of choice in creating a lighting system. The product is...

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The GLOBAL base single-circuit system is elegant in appearance. This system is particularly suitable for home interioirs. For professional use we recommend Global Pulse...

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GLOBAL pro system is the most commonly used three-circuit track in Europe. GLOBAL pro offers benefits for advanced installations: the main connectors are feedable and...

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Lighting track mounting accessories include various connectors, ends, covers, hangers, fasteners and extension pieces. Track accessories are available in white, gray or...

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